Networking, Personal Development

An Abundant Mindset

During the weekly Toastmasters’ meeting this week, we were challenged to develop an Abundant mindset or mentality. A mentality of abundance is that line of thinking that there is a slice of the pie for everyone, you just have to reach out and grab it. The opposite, a scarcity mindset which thinks competitively such that if you take that slice of the pie than I do not get one.
While I do consider myself more of an optimist and having a mindset of abundance seems to be an optimistic way to look at things I cannot say that I have or always have a mindset of abundance. I am more the person that would frown a little over you taking my slice of the pie but not be too heartbroken because it keeps me from eating too many sweets.
I would like to cultivate more of an abundant mentality after hearing the speech this week. I found several articles on the internet with the six, eight, ten ways to develop an abundant mindset in general, in leadership, in business. There is much information, but one of the items most consistent items across many of the resources is gratitude, finding gratitude each day or creating a gratitude journal. In a gratitude journal, you can reflect daily or weekly even on all of the good things in your life and make a note of just one of them, some of them, or all of them.
I found a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge app to help me keep up the positive reflection as I travel and better cultivate a mindset of abundance. I will check back in a few weeks on this project with the progress made. What will you do create a mindset of abundance, join me in journaling gratitude, get organized, great win-win situations, or something else? Let me know.


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