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What Does Your Profile Picture Say?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

An idiom we have all heard a thousand times. We have all also been told a thousand times that one of the best ways to update your LinkedIn Profile is to include a profile picture, but what is your picture saying about you?

Professional? Competent? Likeable? Confident? Trustworthy? Fun? Flirty?

I was recently turned onto the site which is a website where you can upload your photo and have people vote on how they see you. You can upload a business photo, social photo, or dating photo with different ranking criteria for each. For business photos, voters are asked to rank how each how competent, likable, and influential each person appears. Voters are also able to give feedback comments. You can set up your own campaign and vote on others photos. Your scores are a percentile ranking of other scores on the site, a comparison.

I tested it out with my LinkedIn profile picture and another similar professional photo I use with a different pose to see what my picture would say.


My LinkedIn profile picture proved to be the more competent looking picture, while the other proved to be the more influential looking picture. Neither picture paints me as very likable; many comments suggested I needed to smile more. I cannot say I am surprised. One comment that stood out to me on my LinkedIn profile was that I looked sad: I could actually work with that in some of my other social media profiles relating to my poetry writing. Comments that stood out to me with the other photo were that it was too intimidating or intense; I am not sure what to do with that feedback.

So what is your picture saying about you? Are you happy with what it says? There is some great information about different expressions and photo tools on the website if you are not happy with your photo or your results. Check it out and have a little fun voting on other pictures.


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