When I was a child, I loved the science and astronomy. But as much as I loved looking through a telescope, I loved telling stories about the stars just as much, like brave heroes such as Perseus and others. I loved to write my own stories, poetry, plays. I would write my own binders full stories and collaborate with friends, writing for class assignments and writing for fun. I was even a club offers for our middle school writing club.

But I gave up my creative writing as I went on into to high school and to pursue science instead of the story. As I went on to engineering school, I forgot about my hidden writing powers until my first engineering job after graduation where I had to write assembly operating procedures. Reconnecting with my hidden writing talent, I started blogging poetry and short fiction. With my ever-strengthening writing powers, turned more towards technical writing in my day job where I write, edit, and proofread operating procedures and regulatory compliance programs for the energy industry.

I continue to blog publicly and through a subscriber channel. I have even published a few pieces and an ebook which you can check out on my Published Works page. I am continuing to branch out my skills by working on as needed basis as a freelance writer/editor/proofreader. You can find samples on my portfolio page if you are interested in contacting me for more inquiries.


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