Published Works

Publications, Papers, Panels, and Presentations

  • “Toastmasters and My Self-Confidence.” Society of Women Engineers MAL Newsletter. 2017
  • “Full STEAM Ahead: Engineering Poetry.” Society of Women Engineers MAL Newsletter. 2017
  • “Technical Writing: Improve Your Writing Skills by Making a Human Connection” Presented at ASME’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) 2016
  • “Build, Grow, and Shape the Content of Your Digital Footprint.” Society of Women Engineers MAL Newsletter. 2016
  • A to Z Poetry: First Edition Published Published by Tablo Publishing 2015
  • “Panel Discussion, Part 3: Succeeding in Your Career in Engineering.” ASME FutureME Career Development. 2014
  • American Petroleum Institute & Association of Oil Pipe Lines: Excavation Damage Prevention is a Team Effort Damage Prevention Professional Spring Issue April 2014. Pg 44-45.
  • “Panel Discussion, Part 2: Building Your Career in Engineering” ASME FutureME Career Development. 2013
  • “Panel Discussion, Part 1: Starting Your Career In Engineering.” ASME Future ME Career Development. 2013
  • Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal: Volume II, Published by Horrified Press (contributing author, poetry) 2013
  • “Beneath Arched Gateway she said, ‘Yes!’” Scattered Pennies. Haunted Waters Press. May 16, 2013. Web. 2013
  • “Global Occupational Hazard: Silica Dust.” 2012 Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Houston, Texas, USA November 9–15, 2012. Volume 5, Education and Globalization. IMECE2012-87509 2012
  • Various newsletter articles for RCP’s DOT Pipeline Compliance News
    • State Damage Prevention Activities (GA, IA, RI) 7/14
    • Missouri Updates Damage Prevention Law 8/14
    • New Mexico Public Hearing on Proposed Damage Prevention Rule Changes 9/14
    • Maine Public Utilities Commission Hearing on Damage Prevention 9/14
    • New Mexico State Damage Prevention Regulation Changes 1/15
    • NPRM: Safety of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines 10/15
    • Oklahoma Enforces Damage Prevention Act 11/15
    • Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Enforcement 1/16
    • Report on the Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines Published 1/16
    • Connecticut Proposed Damage Prevention Updates 2/16
    • Maine Updates Underground Facility Damage Prevention Requirements 4/16
    • Michigan Proposes Regulatory Changes for Underground Facility Damage Prevention 7/16
    • PHMSA Claims Enforcement Jurisdiction in 5 States Over 3rd Party Excavators 1/17
    • PHMSA Underground Natural Gas Storage Comment Period Ended 3/17
    • ASME B31Q Pipeline Personnel Qualification 3/17



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